No Secret Handshake Necessary

A club that’s so super exclusive only our very closest friends are invited. And if you’re reading this then that’s you! So now that we’re BFF’s… can we borrow those shoes? They look great with these dark chocolate dreamy clusters.


Does This Ganache Match Our Shoes?

Not to worry, no one is looking at your shoes when you’re holding a Skinny Cow® Ganache Ice Cream Cone. They are too busy coveting your treat and drooling on their own stilettos.


Indulging Never Goes Out of Style

Sometimes it's cold, sometimes it's bold, but chocolate never gets old. Especially when you can alternate between Skinny Cow® low-fat ice cream and candy every night of the week.


Here's How It Works


Get this party started!

Join the club to be a part of the
SKINNY COW® community and earn rewards for indulging with your BFFs.


Rack up rewards!

You'll earn points for sharing and being an active member of the club unlocking valuable rewards along the way.


Get the goods!

From treats to sweet swag , it’s all at your fingertips! You deserve the good stuff!

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We got a makeover!

You'll probably notice that things look a little different around here. We did some spring cleaning of our own and we're back with this fabulous new makeover! It's not just about looks though, we found ways to make the whole Club Skinny program even better. Don't worry, if you've been here before, the points you earned before are still safe, and we've got new fun ways to earn more! Poke around, check out what's new, and let us know what you think!